The Mezuzah Campaign 


Mezuzahs: The Ultimate Home Security Device

Think of them as dedicated connections putting you online with the Infinite Server of  All Things.

Mezuzahs, however have a special quality: They connect directly to the protection function provided up there.  As the sages of the Talmud taught, put a mezuzah on your door and you’re protected in your house and away.  Now that’s something no earthbound service offers.


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Have Mezuzahs up -

but not sure if they are kosher? 

Lubavitch BC is happy to come to your home to check your mezuzahs by a certified scribe.  Cracked or faded letters deem the scroll unfit for use.  No charge.  Click here to arrange a home inspection.




Need help putting up a Mezuzah?

Lubavitch BC is happy to come to your home to help you put up your Mezuzahs free of charge. Click to request  our help.



Need New Mezuzah(s)?

Lubavitch BC has kosher Mezuzahs available for purchase.  Click here to order. Scroll only $35.00 each (4" inch)  (limited number of complimentary white cases available), Clear Plastic Cases $2.50 each.  Subsidies available.





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