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Shavuot All-Night Learning
with Scholar-in-Residence
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Tuesday, June 7
beginning 12:00 midnight

Stories, Lessons and Secrets of
the Art of Debating G‑d
The Talmud and Jewish lore is full of tales of those who argued with G‑d. Quite often, they won—as in the case of the first Jew, Abraham. Is Torah itself a means for humankind to debate G‑d and win? Why would an all-powerful Creator want to be beaten?
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman is a man hard to pin down.  Involved at an early age in Yoga, Tao and radical politics, he left a career as a classical guitarist and composer to study Talmud and Jewish mysticism for nine years, receiving rabbinical ordination at the Lubavitch Central Yeshiva in New York and completing post-graduate studies at the Rabbinical College of Canada.

A published expert, consultant and lecturer in the field of educational technology, Freeman held posts at the University of British Columbia and Digipen School of Computer Gaming.  His award-winning CD ROM, A to Zap was featured as “Hot Pick of the Year” on Good Morning America.  In 2001, he was appointed to the educational advisory council of Vivendi Interactive.  He is also a past associate editor of Game Developer Magazine.

Tzvi Freeman is the author of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth—365 meditations from the wisdom of the Rebbe.  He now is the editor and popular writer at, and has been a featured speaker in North America and Europe.

Rabbi Freeman will also lecture on these enlightening and relevant topics throughout Shavuot:

Unorthodox Judaism:
The Myths, the Lies, the Fantasies Exposed

How the Baal Shem Tov changed the way we think of Divine Providence


Ice Cream Party for kids!
Wednesday, June 8, 11:00 am


All Shavuot events will take place
at Chabad House, 5750 Oak Street,
Vancouver BC
For more info, please call 604-266-1313
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