Welcome to British Columbia!! We are here to serve all your Jewish and spiritual needs.

We have seven Chabad centers throughout the greater Vancouver area (see links on left side of page).

For special occasions & holidays we also have events in Whistler. Please call  604-266-1313

Cafe Forty One is a dairy Cholov Yisroel cafe located on the ground floor of the Lubavitch Centre, 5750 Oak St. 

Click here to visit the Cafe Forty One website! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at 604-266-1313 or email [email protected].

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*Please note- there are no hotels within walking distance of the Chabad House. There are Air BNB's nearby, and a hotel near the Kollel (see info below).


Other Kosher Establishments

Cafe 41
Cholov Yisroel Dairy Restaurant
5750 Oak Street, first floor
(604) 563-4141

Omnitzky Kosher
Glatt Kosher Deli & Groceries
5775 Oak Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-321-1818 

Sabra Kosher Restaurant & Bakery
Glatt Kosher Israeli Style Restaurant
3844 Oak Street, Vancouver 
Tel: 604-733-4912 

Maple Grill Kosher Restaurant
Maple Grill Pop-Up is a premier kosher restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, offering a unique blend of contemporary and traditional Jewish cuisine.
Phone: 604-738-7060 or WhatsApp Michael: 236-867-2158

Classic Impressions Catering 
Shabbat take-out menu available 
Tel: 604-551-4378 

Kosher Food Warehouse 
Kosher Groceries
Rear - 612 Kingsway 
[email protected]

Garden City Bakery 
Pas Yisrael Parve Bakery
360-9100 Blundell Road, Richmond                                                                                                                    
Tel: 604-244-7888

The Great Canadian Superstore at 350 S.E. Marine Dr. has a large selection of Kosher items including frozen poultry and meat, cholov yisrael dairy products and fresh bread. For more info call (604) 322-3702. 

Orthodox Shuls

Chabad-Lubavitch of Vancouver 
5750 Oak Street, Vancouver
Sunday 9:00 am 
Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am 
Contact Information: 
[email protected] www.lubavitchbc.com

Schara Tzedek (Ashkenazi) 
3476 Oak Street, Vancouver 
Shacharit, Mincha & Maariv 
Contact Information: 
[email protected]  www.scharatzedeck.com

Beth Hamidrash (Sephardic) 
Shacharit: 7:00 AM 
Sunday: 8:30 AM 
3231 Heather Street, Vancouver
Contact Information: 
Tel: 604.872.4222 
[email protected] www.bethhamidrash.com

Ohel Yaakov Community Kollel  
Sunday 9:00AM
Monday-Friday 8:45*
*9:00AM on Statutory Holidays
1965 Broadway, Vancouver
Contact Information: 
Tel: 604.738.7060
[email protected] www.thekollel.com 

Chabad of Richmond
Shacharit: 6:45 AM 
Sunday: 8:30 AM 
200-4775 Blundell Road, Richmond
Contact Information: 
Tel: 604.277.6427
[email protected] www.chabadrichmond.com


Schara Tzedeck Mikvah

3476 Oak Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-290-0510