Our curriculum for the 2022-2023 (5783) School Year is called Bereishit - The Story of our Lives.

Throughout this curriculum, students will be introduced to key figures in the Torah, beginning from
Adam and Eve and through the journey of our forefathers and foremothers. Students will know their
Jewish story and strongly feel their part in it. With a pride in their ancestors, they will be confident and
equipped to live their lives proud Jews.

Each class is broken into two parts:
Part 1: An interactive way to tell the story.
Part 2: A hands-on activity where the kids continue learning the story or internalize the message.

Through engaging and fresh activities, your child will sense that Jewish history isn’t just something of the
past. Students will perceive that this is their story and feel confident and responsible to live an active life
portraying the values taught by our ancestors.

The curriculum is designed to generate a positive change in children by encouraging them to integrate
Torah and Mitzvot into their lives. Through focused lesson goals and repeated application, the children
will gain real skills and will be able to effect a genuine change in their lives. The curriculum offers
timeless lessons and ways to integrate the knowledge children need to practically implement the skill.
Children will have the passion and knowledge to live Jewishly, by internalizing the lessons and skills they
learn. Upon completion of this course the student will have created a method to integrate Torah,
Mitzvot and Jewish Holidays into their lives and developed methods to create change in the world
around them.

Areas of academic emphasis include:
1. Jewish History
2. Hebrew reading and vocabulary
3. Holidays and traditions
4. Culture and current events

This course engages children in discovering the higher purpose of everyday lifestyle, and gives them the
tools to practically implement their inspiration.

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