No matter your background of affiliation, if you're curious about observing more mitzvot or simply seeking a better understanding of Jewish culture and tradition, we have the place for you. Choose from an ever growing range of programs designed to offer serious Jewish learning. Created for the needs of the community, our programs meet all levels. All classes are presented at a comfortable pace and there's always something for everyone.

Monday, 8:00 PM: Women's Torah Study Group

Led by Mrs. Henia Wineberg. For more info call Henia at 604-781-3190

Tuesday, 8:00 pm @ 1461 W. 49th St.: English Talmud Class

Taught by Rabbi Yitzchak Wineberg. For more info call 604-266-1313.


Wednesday, 7:30- 9:00 PM: The Jewish Learning Institute

Six Week Courses taught by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld

The Jewish Learning Institute brings authentic, relevant Jewish learning to adults seeking intellectual and spiritual growth. Our students include both first-time learners and those with years of prior study. We follow a powerful path of discovery and depth, touching the soul and altering the life course of our learners.


Thursday, 8:00 PM: JLI Torah Studies: A Weekly Journey into the Soul of Torah


Taught by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld

Join the world's largest parshah class for authentic text-based Jewish study. 11 lessons that probe into the depths of contemporary Torah thought, with a special focus on issues surrounding spirituality, the human psyche, love, and relationships. Every experience offers meaningful and timely lessons – from the most timeless of texts. You will walk away surprised, inspired, and knowing more about who we are as Jews, and who you are as an individual.

Torah Studies is sponsored by Faye, Jack & Hershel Micner in memory of Chaim Micner OBM.

Shabbat Morning, 9:30-10:00 AM: The Chassidic Parsha

Taught by Rabbi Yitzchak Wineberg

Textual study of Likkutai Torah, on the weekly portion. The insight and perspective provided by Chassidic teachings adds a completely new dimension on the Shabbat and holidays. Chassidus is always studied before prayer, especially on Shabbat and festivals

Sunday Morning, 8:30 AM: Tanya Class (followed by morning services)

Taught by Rabbi Yitzchak Wineberg.

The Book of Tanya is the basic and fundamental guide to Chassidic philosophy. It captures the deepest mystical concepts of Torah and translates them into a tangible, comprehensive and inspirational approach to serving the Al-mighty.

Sunday Morning, 10:00 AM (following morning services): Breakfast & Shiur
Taught by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld